Our Bifröst 5 channel LED strip has been updated!

Thursday May 10
Sowilo DS has been hard at work designing and planning new products since the initial pilot release of Bifröst last November, and we've decided to further improve on Bifröst by offering a new versions to suit multiple needs! The original Bifröst had 126 LEDs per meter, using 2835 size LED packages for the white lights, and 5050 for RGB. With the new design, we've upgraded to using 5730 LEDs for the whites, increased the copper weight for better heat dissipation and less voltage drop, and managed to increase the number of LEDs to 147 per meter. This means that there is now a more even light distribution, high brightness up to 2000 lumens per meter AND improved efficiency by about 20%. it still has the great CRI of 95+ for the white LEDs of 2200k and 6500k of the version from the pilot. White light color matters to us, and we fully intend to continue to offer high CRI light across all of our products in the future.

As an added bonus, we now offer our strips in 2 meter AND 5 meter reel sizes, an will be very shortly offering this same configuration in a lower density of 84 LEDs per meter (Bifröst-84 Pro) where the ultra brightness of Bifröst-147 Pro is not needed. If that wasn't enough to get excited about, this version will also come in an IP65 rated version for use in wet areas, and yes this also means outdoors as well!

We are still working away on products for the future, including new configurations of the Bifröst 5 channel system and new methods of control, so if you have a need or an application that you would really like to see us offer, please send us an email and we will see what we can do!

Sowilo DS