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Bifröst-84 Pro IP67 LED Strip

Price: $69.99

Channels: 5 (W-RGB-WW)

Max Power Consumption: 16 W/m

Color Rendering Index: 95+

Brightness (2200k): 695 lm/m

Brightness (6500k): 845 lm/m

Brightness (max): 1730 lm/m

Efficacy (2200k): 110 lm/W

Efficacy (6500k): 137 lm/W

Strip Width: 19 mm

Copper Weight: 3 Oz double sided

Adhesive Tape: Tesa 4965

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This is an IP67 version of Bifröst-84 Pro, made for wet locations (bathrooms and outdoors). It uses the same high quality LEDs as the rest of the Bifröst Pro line, and is encased in silicone tubing.

The Bifröst Pro series runs at 24V DC and is designed to have a very wide tunable white light range from 2200k to 6500k with a CRI of 95+ across the entire range, as well as a full gamut RGB.

Efficiency of Bifröst has also been pushed to approximately 137 lumens per watt at 6500k (110 lm/W at 2200k), making it a solution with the best of both worlds that satisfies requirements of high quality/high CRI white light as well as high efficiency, which is typically lacking in high CRI LED products.

Bifröst-84 Pro IP67 comes is 19mm width with thick 3 Oz double sided copper to control for voltage drop and improve heat dissipation. The double sided tape has also been upgraded to Tesa 4965 to ensure a solid and lasting bond to the substrate.

With all of the enhanced design features of Bifröst Pro, this may be the last LED strip you need to buy!