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Bifröst-147 Pro LED Strip

Price: $79.99

Channels: 5 (W-RGB-WW)

Max Power Consumption: 28 W/m

Color Rendering Index (CRI): 95+ (at 2200k and 6500k)

Brightness (2200k): 1215 lm/m

Brightness (6500k): 1480 lm/m

Brightness (max): 3030 lm/m

Efficacy (2200k): 110 lm/W

Efficacy (6500k): 137 lm/W

Strip Width: 15 mm

Copper Weight: 3 oz

Operating Voltage: 24 VDC

Adhesive Tape Tesa 4965

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Bifröst-147 Pro uses 147 LEDs per meter and was designed to maximize the LED density to create a high brightness line of light when used in conjunction with certain frosted diffusers and aluminum channels.

The Bifröst Pro series runs at 24V DC and is designed to have a very wide tunable white light range from 2200k to 6500k with a CRI of 95+ across the entire range, as well as a full gamut RGB.

Efficiency of Bifröst has also been pushed to approximately 137 lumens per watt at 6500k (110 lm/W at 2200k), making it a solution with the best of both worlds that satisfies requirements of high quality/high CRI white light as well as high efficiency, which is typically lacking in high CRI LED products.

Bifröst Pro comes in a 15mm width with thick 3 Oz double sided copper to control for voltage drop and improve heat dissipation, and uses Tesa 4965 double sided tape for a strong, lasting bond.

With all of the enhanced design features of Bifröst Pro, this may be the last LED strip you need to buy!

Note: Bifröst-147 Pro is designed to work best in an aluminum channel to help dissipate the heat. Do not leave Bifröst-147 Pro coiled on the reel with power applied, as this will generate excessive heat and could harm the LEDs.