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5 Channel High Frequency Amplifier

Price: $39.99

Input Voltage: 5-24 VDC

Max Output Current: 5 x 5A (25A total)

Output: Constant Voltage PWM

Dimensions: 111mm x 66mm x 46mm

Protections: Over Current, Short Circuit, 3000 kV Optoelectronic Isolation

Certifications: CE, RoHS, FCC

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This amplifier is made to pair with our Bifröst 5 channel LED strips with 5x5A of capacity for a maximum of 25A. It is specifically designed to handle the high pulse width modulation (PWM) frequencies of higher quality controllers, which means better low level dimming performance and more accurate color mixing at low level dimming. Up to 600W @24 VDC (300W @12VDC) can be run through the amplifiers for larger setups, and a single control zone can be expanded to nearly limitless size with additional amplifiers. It can also be either surface mounted with screws, or 35mm DIN rail mounted.